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 Your child's therapy may be partially or completely covered by insurance!  Call to find out more.

Now accepting the following insurance:

United Healthcare Plans (UHC)
PacificSource Community Solutions (OHP/Medicaid)

Pacific Source Health Plans (Commercial)

Package Options Available for Families Paying Out of Pocket

Services Provided:

  (Please Call/Email for Cost and Availability)


Evaluations - Performed to establish Plan of Care (POC) prior to initiating treatments: 

Evaluations are in-depth intake assessments to determine a child's current functional status, potential areas for growth, goals for treatment if continued session are warranted, and a Plan of Care  which includes recommended frequency/duration of sessions.  Evaluations may act as supportive documentation when attempting to acquire DHS/DDS support or assistance/accommodations in school such as the development of an IEP, 504, or other special education services. 

Treatments - Performed after evaluation in accordance with Plan of Care (POC):

  • Telehealth (Available During Covid 19 Pandemic on Case by Case Basis): Video therapy session with child (caregiver to be available to assist child as needed). Caregiver expected to provide child with basic equipment/materials needed for session (ball, markers, paper, scissors, Play-Doh, etc.) 

  • In-Person Sessions: Face-to-face/hands-on therapy sessions at predetermined community locations (park, playground, school, etc.)  Caregiver to be available on site. Therapist will provide child with equipment/materials needed for session. 

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