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Tumbleweeds Pediatric Therapy

Occupational and Speech Therapy Services in Lane County, Oregon
Fine Motor & Upper Extremity Skill Building

Facilitation of arm/hand/digit strength, range of motion, coordination, and dexterity, through games, crafts, exercise, & creative play

Emotional Regulation & Stress Reduction 

Evidence-based techniques to calm/regulate the nervous system to promote participation  & optimal well-being

Cognitive Development &
Speech Therapy 

 Cognitive & language development to improve social & communication skills, attention, memory, & problem solving

Postural Control & Core Strengthening 

Fun meets function as postural alignment, balance & strength are developed in dynamic, exciting ways

Sensory Processing &
System Modulation

Successful strategies for picky eaters, movement seekers, clothing avoiders & more

Therapy Sessions
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Contact Us

Interested in Occupational Therapy and/or Speech Therapy services for your child?  Have questions, concerns or just want to learn more?  Just fill out the email form below or call us at 541-525-0219 to find out if Tumbleweeds Pediatric Therapy is the right fit for you!

Why Choose Tumbleweeds?

As licensed therapists for 10-25 years, we have a wealth of experience in a variety of pediatric settings with extensive knowledge to draw upon when serving your family.  We love working with children and helping them live their very best life, and work hard to develop trusting, therapeutic relationships with all the clients Tumbleweeds serves. 


Many families and children prefer to work with the same therapist consistently in order to build lasting relationships, improve outcomes, and reduce potential anxiety in children who have difficulty with change.  At Tumbleweeds Pediatric Therapy, each child will receive one-on-one individualized attention with the same skilled therapist throughout their Plan of Care. 

Our therapists pride themselves on providing fun, creative therapy sessions that improve developmental skills and develop confidence & self-esteem.  We believe family invlovement is vital to long term success and strive to educate caregivers on strategies that can be implemented at home and within the community to encourage ongoing positive growth and development. 



Nature-Based Strategies


Community Engagement


Holistic Care Plans


 Functional Activities


Clinical Expertise
 Extensive Experience


Continuity of Care 

One-on-One Attention


Child-Centered Services

Relationship Focused Care

Our family couldn't ask for a better therapist. Marlena really took the time to listen to our concerns.  Her positive personality and playful techniques really helped our son with autism come out of his shell and her ideas for home strategies were so helpful! 

Robert G.

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